5 Strategies for Managing Healthy Company Finances

Don’t do business if you don’t think about profit or profit in your head. Regardless of the scale of your business and the business field you choose, you must already have a plan and project the business benefits that you will get. Especially if you are doing business with partners, of course you have to carefully consider the mechanism of cooperation, calculation of capital turnover, costs and a number of main obligations that must be prepared during the course of the business. This is where besides you have to be keen to see opportunities, you also have to have a strategy, especially in managing healthy company finances.

Healthy Company Finances

Not a few start-up business actors neglect the recording aspect, as a result, without realizing it, the company is in a critical condition because capital is not circulating as it should, and income is not as expected. The strategy for managing company finances is very important for you to master and run to avoid losses and bankruptcy. You are a healthy company finances manager yourself before you recruit a team and look for a professional money manager.

Strategy for Managing Company Finances

Here we provide 5 strategies for managing healthy company finances

Making financial reporting

There are many companies that think that when they get big profits, the company is said to be healthy. Not necessarily! We cannot judge the health of a company only from a profit perspective, but from many aspects. The principle is a healthy company if the profits … Read More

Definition and Responsibilities of Legal Officers in the Company

As someone who has a role in handling the internal and external law of a company, the following are the responsibilities of a legal officer. Maybe some people are still unfamiliar with the profession and responsibilities of a legal officer. This profession is related to law, as the name implies, a legal officer works for a corporate or private company, agency, or other.

This profession must protect the corporation in order to avoid legal problems.

legal officer

To become a legal officer, you must at least have a Diploma or Strata 1 educational background with a Bachelor of Laws degree. To better understand this profession, the following is an explanation of its meaning and responsibilities.

Reviewing the Definition of the Legal Officer Profession

Before discussing the responsibilities of a legal officer, you need to understand what a legal officer means. legal officer itself is a job that has a role in handling the internal and external law of a company.

Therefore, its existence is very important so that the corporation can continue to run or operate.

In large companies, the duties of a legal officer can be divided into 2, namely legal officers and legal counsel. Legal officers will handle documents as well as permits, while attorneys are in charge of handling civil and criminal law matters.

But if the company is a medium scale, then the legal officer’s responsibility is to double-handedly handle all documents and legal issues. Therefore, the requirement to become a is sufficient experience.

One of them … Read More