Choose the Right Legal Consultant Services

Along with the growth of the dynamics of modern life, there are also more legal problems experienced by both individuals and corporations. Both in the context of deterrence (preventive) or experiencing real problems in the field (repressive). So that the services of Advocates/Lawyers are no longer inevitable, especially in every case and problems in life, both business, family, or ties between individuals and the state, all of which are regulated according to legal provisions.

For this reason, the services of lawyers/advocates and legal consultants are a very important part for the continued development of civilization and the increasingly fierce competition in life and the environment. To meet the need for legal services, several important points are needed before you decide to choose the right legal services according to the real business needs or legal problems you face. Through this article, we try to provide an overview of some of the points that must be considered before you make a choice in choosing legal services, including:

Choose one that has a good track record

One thing that must be observed from the start is the track record of the lawyer/advocate/legal consultant that we intend to designate as a partnership. To recognize this track record can be said to be tricky, this is because not all of a lawyer’s track record can be recognized easily. Of course a legal consultant will try to show and show the strengths he has and as long as possible try not to reveal the weaknesses he has, for example about his career journey as a lawyer, some of the clients he has assisted, or about the skills he has related to the problems he has. experienced by potential clients.

For this reason, our advice is not only to have a meeting with the prospective legal adviser, but also to seek data from other people who are neutral in character who do not have a conflict of interest in the track and record of the law office that is to be partnered both in business development and solving legal problems. what you are experiencing.

Look for one that matches the ability of the problem you are facing

In order to identify specializations or areas of law that are occupied by a law office, you should really ask about the capabilities and actions that are the focus of the law office in question. In general, law offices will try to provide an explanation if the law office they lead handles a totality of legal issues, whether criminal, civil, administrative or other areas of law. To estimate this, find out the field of law that was occupied when taking college either at the time of S1, S2 or S3. Not only that, you can’t just ask about the ability of the head of the law office, find out what the team has, what expertise it has, and also ask about problems it has handled and what the results were

Prioritize quality

The quality of a law office is a very important dimension for you before making your choice on a law office that has been appointed as a partner to be part of you. Of course, you yourself are at stake with the legal problems you are experiencing whether to be handled properly or not. Quality is once again directly proportional to price, the greater the price of a law office, in fact it wants to display the level of quality of service it wants to provide. Each class must have differences, starting from the facilities, the level of comfort and satisfaction obtained by prospective clients. For this reason, don’t ever be allergic to high prices, generally prospective clients are reluctant to continue the conversation if the price offered by a lawyer is very expensive, this must be a serious mistake, where each attorney has levels for each, like the example above.

For this reason, we are advised that before deciding which law office services you want to choose, first find out about the quality of a law office by trying to ask a number of things, for example how long the law office has been in existence, what problems it has handled, whether it has not solved any other problems. or what will you face, what results were achieved for the problem that has been handled, if necessary, ask for concrete facts in the form of evidence of action on the same or almost similar problem to what you are facing. Occasionally it is also okay to ask about the trainings or lessons or courses that he has attended, although some of the above does not determine quality, it is highly unlikely that the lawyer or law office that you choose has good knowledge of the legal problems that you are currently facing or are about to face.

Have sufficient experience

Experience is the best teacher, as we often hear in our daily life. This expression is very true, because there is someone who in theory has extensive knowledge about something, but is uncertain about its application in the field. Because experience requires forging and a process that is not easy to get through, for example by doing an apprenticeship and proceeding from the basics to recognize the ins and outs of taking action on a problem, from there we will learn and be aware of the shortcomings of taking action on the problems that we are dealing with or are going to handle. Experience is very closely related to quality, continuing to be an experienced person, so that he wants to learn from the handling that he has handled, so that there are many experiences that he has gone through, so that it becomes easier for him to solve the problems he wants to face. However, it is certain that those with experience have a certain bargaining value, generally those with experience set different rates from other competitors who do not have sufficient experience.

Getting to know the experience of the law office that you want to choose is certainly not easy. However, there are a number of things you can do, for example, by asking about the history or journey of a lawyer, since when did you get a license or identification card for an advocate, where did he or she have done any internships or career trips that he has occupied, including the learning he has gone through which is part of which is inseparable from several matters that can determine the level of experience of a person working in the field of legal services. To convince him in real terms, don’t hesitate to ask for supporting facts such as certificates or other evidence as support, because of course there will be many who claim to be experienced with or without the support of sufficient evidence in the hope of being able to use his legal services.

Assure Honesty and Integrity

In order to recognize the level of honesty and integrity of an Advocate, there is nothing wrong with you being able to lure a prospective advocate that you want to use about the certainty of winning the problem he wants to handle, usually if he confirms your problem won, or is shown to things that are against the law, for example by the bribery method, so think a thousand times for you to use the services of such an Advocate, because instinctively such an Advocate has run out of confidence in dealing with a legal case

Committed to solving problems

Maybe most of you come to a Legal Counsel to solve problems. However, not a few of them are actually entangled in problems caused by the non-commitment of a legal service provider to solving the problems you are currently facing. There are certainly many reasons for this, one of which is that it is not uncommon for an Advocate to only get practical services, after he has received payment from a client, he often forgets his commitment to solving the problems he has promised. There is something even more extreme, namely by leaving the client just like that after he gets several payments from the client.