Definition and Responsibilities of Legal Officers in the Company

As someone who has a role in handling the internal and external law of a company, the following are the responsibilities of a legal officer. Maybe some people are still unfamiliar with the profession and responsibilities of a legal officer. This profession is related to law, as the name implies, a legal officer works for a corporate or private company, agency, or other.

This profession must protect the corporation in order to avoid legal problems.

legal officer

To become a legal officer, you must at least have a Diploma or Strata 1 educational background with a Bachelor of Laws degree. To better understand this profession, the following is an explanation of its meaning and responsibilities.

Reviewing the Definition of the Legal Officer Profession

Before discussing the responsibilities of a legal officer, you need to understand what a legal officer means. legal officer itself is a job that has a role in handling the internal and external law of a company.

Therefore, its existence is very important so that the corporation can continue to run or operate.

In large companies, the duties of a legal officer can be divided into 2, namely legal officers and legal counsel. Legal officers will handle documents as well as permits, while attorneys are in charge of handling civil and criminal law matters.

But if the company is a medium scale, then the legal officer’s responsibility is to double-handedly handle all documents and legal issues. Therefore, the requirement to become a is sufficient experience.

One of them is having done an internship at a law firm or a corporation. So that they gain work experience as well as insight into the legal advisory sector.

Responsibilities of Legal Officers in a Company

In general, the role of a legal officer is to ensure that legal actions are appropriate for the continuity of the organization or company. But in more detail, we will explain below.

Giving Legal Advice

This briefing can use an oral or written platform.

In this one legal officer’s responsibility, it is necessary to involve translators of complex legal terms into language that is easily understood by everyone. The law needs to consider all risks before making a recommendation.

Identifying Company Decision Risks

A legal officer is obliged to prevent all company legal problems before they become a crisis. Therefore it is necessary to identify the risk of company decisions by legal officers, so that company actions and decisions can be analyzed.

If the identification process is complete, then the legal officer will then provide advice to superiors to avoid the risks that may occur.

Socialization and Briefing

The legal officer’s next responsibility is to conduct outreach and briefing when legal problems are deemed to be quite heavy. This counseling discusses what things should be avoided so that the corporate reputation is guaranteed.

Legal Resources Research

Next is to research legal resources, because regulations can change at any time. Therefore, legal officers must actively research their legal resources. For example regarding laws, articles, to court decisions.

If theĀ  always takes the initiative to carry out this research, it is certain that the corporation will continue to develop according to existing regulations. That way, legal issues can be managed and resolved to the fullest.

An explanation of the meaning and responsibilities of a can be concluded that their role is very important for a company. Without the responsibility of the, it is certain that the company cannot operate properly.