Do not be late! These are 10 Ways to Overcome a Boring Household

The enemy that most couples encounter in their relationship is boredom, especially if the relationship has been going on for a long time. The same routine over and over again can certainly make you bored.

Usually, married couples whose marriage age is entering the 5th year and above have started to enter this phase. This, of course, cannot be taken lightly, coupled with the many conflicts faced, this can create new opportunities for problems.

Basically boredom can not be avoided just like that. His presence can be very unexpected. However, boredom can still be overcome, you know, . For those of you who are entering this phase. Here are some ways to deal with a boring household. Please take a look, yes.

1. Try something new together

Doing things that are repeated continuously until they become routine can certainly make the household feel boring. Although basically daily routines can not be avoided just like that. However, you still need to make changes

You can try something that has never been done with your partner or even repeat some things that you haven’t done together in a long time. For example, trying to eat at a new restaurant that you have never tried, together making a new recipe for dinner every week, redecorating the house, or maybe trying something new in bed.

2. Give a surprise to your partner

A surprise is never boring. For that, surprises can be an option of choice when you feel that household conditions are getting boring. No need to wait for the right moment to make a surprise if it takes too long. Just prepare small surprises that are simple but can still make your partner happy.

Surprises don’t need to be expensive either, as they’re more about doing things your partner doesn’t expect. It is important to find new and fresh ways to surprise your partner, yes, so as not to feel bored in marriage.

3. Stop comparing your household with other couples

, it is not new that nowadays many people are competing to share their moments of happiness on social media. One of the moments in domestic life. This is not a mistake. However, if all the moments that are shared are just swallowed raw without further thought, it can certainly cause problems.

Social media is really a place of expression. To that end, not everything that is shared on social media is what actually happened. For example, you see a couple who every month always uploads vacations in various cities. Then, you compare it with your household which is normal for you. In fact, you don’t know for sure what the couple went through. This comparison activity, of course, can make your partner bored, you know!

4. Find out each other’s love language

If you’re in a boring marriage, it could be because you don’t know your partner’s love language, and vice versa. Love language is important because it has to do with the form and expression of your love, you know.

For example, you think physical gifts in a relationship are not important, but your partner still gifts you chocolates, flowers, or expensive things. Of course you will feel these things are useless and boring. For that, it’s important to know each other’s love language, so you know the best way to treat your partner based on their needs.

5. Try to make a wish list

One way to deal with a boring household is to make a wish list. Yup! You can write down new things you want to achieve and do with your partner. Try to think of interesting ideas outside your routine, yes, ! Then make a checklist after you have done everything successfully.

6. Send texts that are fun and a little flirty

You can really apply this method, you know. If all this time you’ve only been texting about your respective activities, try making a change by sending him a text that is fun and makes you laugh. You can also send him a text with a little flirty spice to tease him. Sending this text can be a medium to relieve your boredom, you know.

7. Let go of expectations about “romantic-comedies” like the movies you watch

This method is important for you to do because in the real world, there is no wedding that always looks sweet like in the movies. If you’re expecting your partner to appear in a flash mob for you or rent a room like a large aquarium for a romantic date, then you could be disappointed. Especially if your partner is not a romantic person. So, everything he does will feel boring if you continue to have high expectations for him.

8. Learn something and increase knowledge together

The next thing you can do when your wedding feels boring is get education with your partner. You can take several classes that can increase your skills and knowledge together, you know. Maybe it’s a language class, a wedding class, a cooking class, or maybe a business class.

9. Share positive energy among you

When was the last time you told your partner how great he is? This praising behavior is sometimes necessary, you know. Remembering positive energy can make anyone more excited. This will certainly benefit you if you feel the marriage is getting boring. Your partner will feel cared for again and get his spirit back, so will you.

10. Show some appreciation

Apart from being in the form of surprise and positive energy, you can also change your partner’s mood by showing appreciation for him. If maybe your partner can spend more time sharing with each other in the relationship, then try to show your appreciation by giving your time too.

Well, those are some ways to deal with a boring household. If you feel like you’ve entered boring phases in your marriage, there’s nothing wrong with trying some of the ways above.